J. Y.: JAGUAR of Y2008

JAGUAR of Y2008

Monday, December 21, 2009

Ngopi-Yamcha A featured car, JAGUAR of Y2008, was parking at outside of City Garden Hotel, North Point District, Hong Kong.


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Anonymous said...

This jaguar car is one of my favorite car...i just love the simplicity of its looks and design especially that circle style headlights.

04 June, 2011 13:51
Anonymous said...

I agree! this car is awesome...not only thos headlights that brings beauty to it but as well as the those parking lights.

05 June, 2011 22:13
Parking Lights said...

Both the headlights and the parking lights bring a unique and elegant beauty to this Jaguar car.

07 June, 2011 10:21